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I am one of those Runes of Magic fans

I am one of those Runes of Magic fans that will speculate, theorize, hypothesize, and wait in rapt anticipation for more news, of any kind, to come out about the MMORPG I have so much fun playing. I believe it’s well deserved of this treatment by fans like myself, in the same way this kind of over-indulgence is accepted by many ravenous fans of World of Warcraft, Everquest, and other much larger MMORPGs. To me RoM is a great one-of-a-kind MMORPG that continues to shine and grow, further cementing itself beside it’s bigger subscription-based cousins. The newest expansion has just been announced, and I had to comment on it.

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Frogster has put together a page introducing the new expansion “The Elder Kingdoms”. I wanted to comment on the nice handful of concept art, and list of features that will be coming soon.

Level cap raised to 60

Sweet. This is a jump in 5 levels, which they sort of did with the first big expansion. They ended up spreading out the expansion a bit, so they went from 50-52 for a short period, then bumped it up to 55. This is great and leaves enough room for at least one new elite skill for each class. The entirety of the forum discussion will continue to be variations of three things: “Don’t release new content, until you’ve fixed the bugs”; “Thanks for making all the hard work I put into getting the best stats obsolete”; and “Raise the drop rate on everything, make everything easier, GIVE ME MOAR AND NOW”.

Hundreds of new quests

Yay, I’m mostly concerned about translation and lore.

Expanded Skill System

I’m thinking it just means more skills for each class, at all levels.

Three impressive new cities

I’m guessing these are what I always refer to as “hubs” centralized areas in each zone that contain most player amenities. There are currently two “major” cities: Varanas and Obsidian Stronghold which act as a bit more where holiday events usually take place. Still, I could be wrong, and even if I’m not, they really could be impressive.

A new battlefield: Tyrefen Mountain Range

I’m hoping this is the elusive “resource battleground” they hinted at many months ago. A point based PvP “arena” with rare resources that can be gathered and fought over. What a way to get crafters involved in PvP.

Many new instances like the Dungeon of Dalanis

They’ve never let anyone down with new instances before, why start now.

PvP Ranking System

Not sure what this will be. I thought they already had one.

Battlefield Reward System

They currently have yet to flesh out the arena. Mainly there’s no level matching. A level 20 could be thrown in with a level 55. I’m hoping, with this new system, they implement some way of matching players up for “fair” fights. There was also currently a very watered down reward players would get for participating. Up to now, you basically won some consumables like MP and HP potions. A lot of people have been exclaiming on the forums that they should implement a token system(as well as in instances). From what I gather they are basically asking them to do what Blizzard does. I personally think they just might do that.

Introduction of instance difficulty levels

“Say whaaa”. I’m very interested in seeing this. I think this will be an immensely positive thing for them to have. The game is gear heavy, and currently gear can really make a difference almost entirely regardless of level. A level 45 could have a difficult time running through Necropolis of Mirrors, while a level 35 highly geared character could almost breeze through it. The difficulty setting seems like it will be very conducive to RoM.

Three new mini-games

Cool. I really liked the Horse Race, and the Course of Terror, while frustrating me, is a fun puzzle-type game.

Marriage System

Well, being a game that originated in the Far East, this doesn’t surprise me. Many F2P Eastern games have one. I’m hoping theirs will operate like a mentor system. We’ll see how this pans out. It’s highly speculative. It also makes me think of the big controversy that Fiesta sparked when they first announced they we’re moving to allow for male characters to marry each other. Personally, I don’t care. I care how it will affect game play.

New types of mounts which can carry two players simultaneously

Cool. I’ve seen this in Shaiya already. Plus, I think it’s beneficial for players that don’t own mounts. Party or raid members can help everyone get to the instance faster.

Further building upgrades for guild castles

I hope this doesn’t mean for the guild wars, but actually for the home aspect of guild castles.

New guild quests

I don’t really think there’s any official guild quests in the game at the moment. I could be wrong. I know there is one quest in Ystra Highlands that requires a raid to complete, but it’s the only quest of it’s kind I can think of.

New guild Drill Grounds

I can’t think of what this would entail. Guild castles already have a very spacious outdoor area for dueling and decorating. It would be interesting if this is some way of having guild wars without any points counting.

New runes

This is cool. There’s already a very large variety, and those have many ways of being combined. I think adding more is a big plus.

Card Stats System

Well, this no doubt is related to all the monster cards that are in the game. Up until now, you just collected them. Basically it operates like Final Fantasy games. Where in FF you beat a monster and it goes in a book that you can later look at, in RoM you can find rare card drops that go into a “Monster Compendium” that gave a small bit of information and a 3D rotatable view of the monster. Maybe they will also start including information on the monsters: Total HP, weak against, etc

Music Festival

A new yearly event patch? A new permanent event? I know that they started by introducing craftable instruments that, when played, offer different buffs. Maybe it’s a further extension of that. Will we see crazy band competitions? Will it be something resembling LotRO? I honestly don’t know. I don’t know enough about this type of game play. Based on what I do know, I would guess that it may be something similar to what LotRO has.


The introductory paragraph is all totally new lore. It’s another kingdom with all of it’s own characters and history. I honestly thought they’d continue on from the current lore with all current factions and main characters and simply introduce new lore into that. I’m sure it relates, and their is a hint of that in the name Aryen. There’s a main character in the race of Capra that currently reside in the Sacilia Steppes. I will be following the lore side of things very closely. They are saying all this takes place on the new continent of Zandorya, but I have my doubts if this is really a separate continent or just new areas of Candara. The lore speaks heavily of rediscovering Candara and exploring it’s many forgotten areas. The people had lived on a “mysterious” continent called Kolydia before this. I want to think that this Zandorya is just part of Candara and many of it’s forgotten secrets.

Concept art

I don’t care if WoW and other big named MMORPGs have more money or supposedly more talented artists. I think a lot of the architecture and concept art for RoM is amazing. Some of the drawings of architecture shown in this expansion looks great. The buildings look anything but generic or copied. It looks like a wonderful blend of old world styles with some unique aspects.


It looks like, as far as adding to world size, we’re getting 3 new zones. Yes, I would have loved more, but who wouldn’t? The 3 zones they added last time are huge, and very nicely laid out. It’s all new content toward progression as well. No new lower level zones here.

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Footnotes – Glad I came across these guys. – Many thanks for your late-night efforts Leslie.

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