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Apple and Music

The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras taught that, since it operated on the basic mathematical principles of the universe, playing and listening to music was a form of meditation. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved music.Growing up, my mom would always be singing as she did housework. We would always crowd around the piano during the holidays while she played carols or old hymns (she actually taught my dad to play the bass). My brother and I quickly picked up the guitar and drums, respectively. We we’re a PC home during my childhood. So, we really didn’t consider the computer as a way to help refine and record the music we created.

I had heard of Apple off and on, but didn’t really know much about them. I really never used a Mac until I got into grad school. I have to credit one of roommates with suggesting that I try a Mac when I was in the market for a laptop. He was a musician with a iMac G3 and would often record songs we had written. I decided to take a risk and get one. So, on Sept 10th, 2001, my roommate and I went to CompUSA in Atlanta near Lenox mall to get a 10 GB, 256k iBook.

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It came with a new program called iTunes which was Apples new music application. And I loved it. It was the first Apple music app which allowed me to organize my music. I also enjoyed creating custom videos for my favorite U2 songs, and a program called iMovie made that incredibly easy because it worked so seamlessly with iTunes.

I recorded a lot of music on my friends iMac and could easily get them onto my laptop to listen to through my newly acquired Harmon-Kardon Soundsticks. I really didn’t have a need for my own music recording application (like my roommates Logic Pro). I was trying to save money and was content to use his. The original iTunes ran on OS9 (that I sometimes really miss) and didn’t have a music store. However, 2003 introduced the music store, and in 2005 I got my first iPod (the nano).

After forming a band, recording a demo, a band break-up, and a move to New Jersey over the space of several years, I found myself with a newly purchased iPhone 3G and new app called GigDaddy which allowed me to create layered tracks with a built-in drum-machine. I lived for 1 and a 1/2 years with no television in my apartment and wrote and recorded music in my living room (which had great hardwood floor-facilitated acoustics) instead. Some of that music has made it onto the very store whose app has made music so easy to acquire and manage (Verses From The Sky was co-written by me and a friend).

With an iPhone 4 and iOS 5, I had the opportunity to try Garageband for iOS (originally offered in the iLife application suite for Mac OS X) for the first time. I was taken aback by how simple it was to use. I recorded in that apartment on my iPhone, but it was still a bit awkward recording everything directly onto the phone. I suppose, however, that is a testament to just how capable of a music recording device the iPhone is. After purchasing a MacBook Pro in 2012, I have been enjoying Garageband on a whole new level. I can plug my telecaster directly into my laptop and add any effects in the application itself. No amp required.

Music provides us with an incredible avenue for self-expression. The most difficult and celebrated times of my life have been given voice by it. Luckily, it has always been part of Apples DNA. They have made applications such as iTunes and Garageband very accessible and very intuitive to use. As a musician who appreciates the facilitation of creativity and expression, I gratefully appreciate that.

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