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Challenges the Android OS must deal with

Android wins more and more field on the smartphones market, and according to the estimates released by market analysis firms, until 2015, the Google Android OS will be the leader on the smartphones operating systems market.

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Although this is good news for Google, the company does not have time to relax.

Android still has many problems to be fixed. Here are the top 5 challenges Android must deal with.

Fragmentation reduction

The biggest problem of the Android OS is the inability of smartphones to keep up with the software development.

Mobile phones manufacturers are having a hard time to harmonize the Google updates with their own software changes.

As a consequence, even the newest smartphones are using an outdated Android version. It’s important that Google keeps their users up to date with the new features.

Keep partners happy

In their attempt to correct the above mentioned problem, Google now imposes “non fragmentation clauses” when purchasing licenses. And this move only annoys mobile phones manufacturers that want to differentiate their products with software overlays.

The same position was also adopted by mobile operators, who want to install their crapware on the phones they sell. Although Google’s intention is appreciated, the company has to deal with some serious risks.

If another operating system, like Windows Phone 7, proves to be more attractive for partners, they might change camps.


As Android becomes more popular, the Google platform is also going to attract more malware. Currently, the only strategy created by Google against malware programs was to remove them from the Android market.

The users appreciate the fact that the Android Market is less restrictive than the iPhone App Store, however Google must now relay on the fact that Android users are using anti-virus programs, but they must find a way to keep malware programs off the Andriod Market.

Android Market Development

Maybe Android catches up with the iPhone regarding the number of available applications, however the Android Market is still behind regarding revenue. According to a report released by HIS Screen Digest, iPhone App Store sells a whole lot more than the Android Market.

Attention to details

Android has a lot of good features, however the platform is not so well crafted as the iOS. Google must pay more attention to details to provide a better user experience.


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