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Zenonia The Best iPhone RPG?

For all you massive retro-RPG fans out there no I’m not on about the good Playstation or Xbox titles, I’m going further back, 16-bit ring any bells? There may just be a fantastic solution finally coming to the iPhone! Actually, it’s already released and being updated but you catch my drift

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Zenonia, being developed by Gamevil, is an action role playing game on the iPhone platform. The game allows for real-time combat and exploration, boasting simply incredible in-house designed sprites, great music and an indepth storyline.

Still hasn’t caught your needy attention? Well chuck in the fact that it only costs $2.99 (at time of this post), contains 40+ hours of gameplay, 3 distinct classes with their own skill tree, good and evil alignment, day & night (including weather effects) and much more. So now what d’ya think?

The story of Zenonia is very simple and easy to understand, as it has been done a million times before. However, side quests, good and evil alignment plus other factors will keep you addicted, no problem. Here is the Synopsis from Wikipedia:

Zenonia’s protagonist is Regret, a young man whose origins are initially unknown. His primary mission in the game is to find the reason for the death of his father at the hands of a demon and subsequently a more powerful evil that is at work.

Your thinking the exact same I was upon reading reviews ‘WOW! I NEED TO TRY IT!’, well good news for us all! The fantastic, epic folk over at Gamevil have released a Lite version of the game that really does allow the player to get a feel of the game and decide if it’s worth the purchase. Can you possibly ask for any more? No, wait, don’t ask it, there’s no need they are already working on future updatesSo, let’s start with breaking down the game into a nice, edible review.

First Impressions

It deserves a big fat 10 for being only $2.99 with so much content (and potential). Upon purchase and installation, which only takes seconds (another bonus for the iPhone!), you are already at the main menu raring to get started on your mini adventure. The main screen looks impressive, with some effective animation, could do with some slides of maybe other backgrounds but that may come in future updates. On the menu in which you can control your settings, start a new game, continue your adventure or look at other games by Gamevil. The touch sensitivity on the buttons is perfect and everything is self explanatory. This is all boring stuff right? Got’cha! We want graphics, cute sprites and cool scenery!

I couldn’t resist, there is your first screen shot. The game has a very attractive appeal to most ages, depending on how much of an RPG fan you are, and has some humour present from the offset, which is clearly shown with the main character’s facial expression. From first entering the game you are truly drawn in and excited to get going!


First off, controls. No matter how good the graphics, storyline, quests or even the music is, if you can’t move around or fight monsters effectively then the game looses all point. Zenonia encorporates a D-Pad controller (retro!!) with a really cool Action button (retro!!!!) that are both very easy to use and prove responsive. The only hiccup is with the D-Pad, sometimes you can get your thumb to move your character the wrong way with not pressing at the right point, but that isn’t a fault with the game itself.

The menu system is very easy to navigate around. At first you fall under the false illusion that you control the tiny menu icons with the press of your finger, but you actually use the D-Pad for menu movement and the Action button for your selection, which saves a lot of hassle. Along with the menu, the dialogue system is really quick and cut scenes have a skip button if you are playing the game for the second (or third, fourth fith etc.) time.


The graphics are symply adorable, fantastic sprite usage and design. We must congratulate (and take our hats off) to the Gamevil design team for the amazing quality in this game look. Along with seamingless scenery, hundreads of item icons, special attack effects, a huge range of different mobs (monsters) and weather effects, including day and night, Zenonia really does have the polished 16-bit feel.

With future updates, one could hope for a batch of new items, maybe a new realm or city, more dungeons and loads of new monsters, but one can only hope. The only forseen drawback of the current design is a slight flaw in Regret (the main character) himself, the weapon changes from different equiped swords, but his apperal armour wise always stays the same. This can seem a slight problem to some players and give a false sense of realism, which this game strives to accomplish. Having different looks for Regret equal to what armour, clokes and weapons he is currently using would be a huge bonus.


The gameplay is amazing, enough said. Although the actual game itself may put some casual gamers off, RPG lovers and fans will be ploughing through level after level, improving skills and their stats while battling against fearsome foes. Having such an in-depth skill tree is a rare feat on the iPhone platform, passive and active skills are present, giving the player an oiption for blasting enemies out of the world with deadly special attacks or casually improving defensive factors.

The quest side of the game is immense, totally epic style. The amount of main quests and side ones really keep you busy and aid in upgrading your character, thus making the 40+ hour gameplay seem totally reasonable. Humour is also added in dialogue and with some of the monsters (some look like giant teddy bears!), this keeps the game more on a personal but effective note, giving the player some more interest in the story and characters surrounding Regret.

The scale of items in the game is huge! From weapons to armour, cloaks, potions, scrolls, food and more keeps us entertained and excited when finding chests, bashing crates and receiving loot. From just a few of the great features that are jam packed into this game, I shall say no more. Below is an overview list on some of the good and bad points about the game, try it out to get a feel for it!


The Good

  • It’s only $2.99!
  • Plays extremely well on the iPhone platform.
  • Boasts 40+ hours of gameplay.
  • Actively developed, pop on over to Gamevil’s forum.
  • Has an in-depth skill-tree system per class.
  • Weather effects, day and night and weight systems.
  • Good & evil alignment with interesting quests.
  • Great humour throughout the game.
  • Keeps you coming back for more with easily re-playable gameplay.
  • Has a Lite version acting as a demo.

The Bad

  • The sheer amount of detail and level grinding may put casual gamers off.
  • You will loose some hours of your life on this game!

All in all, it’s a sure hit and is well worth checking out, especially the free Lite version. If you are a hardcore RPG fan and really need a portable 16-bit story driven classic, get this game now!


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