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Total Video Converter Software

How often has your relative emailed you an AVI video but you couldn’t view it because you don’t have the correct program? Or, wouldn’t it be great if you could display your favorite videos to your web page? If you want to stream your videos online, then you’ll need a WMV file format. So, what if you only have AVI format videos on your computer? Unfortunately, the AVI file is too large to stream online.

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To stream your AVI videos online, you will need to get a Total Video Converter, such as uSeesoft Total Video Converter for Mac. With this software program, you can convert video formats between almost all the most popular video formats including AVI, WMV, DivX, MOV and VOB.

Video converters are a nifty tool for converting video and audio files to a variety of different formats. You can convert a variety of file types to AVI, WMV, DivX, MOV and SWF. You’ll see that some feature a built-in DVD-burning utility, a batch-conversion feature, as well as a preview pane. These tools are typically easy to use and powerful enough for experts. Most feature almost all video formats, including AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, SVCD, DVD and VOB. Some even include a powerful video decompress/compress engine that converts complete AVI movies to DVD in less than one hour. Better still, you can typically download a free trial of the application and test it to make sure it will convert your specific file from one format to another. Download and test many of the complimentary versions. When you find the right program that easily converts your video, you can purchase the full-blown version the ultimate in Try Before You Buy It.

Some of these complimentary programs are integrated with a step by step wizard. This means you can convert AVI to MP4 easier as you will be guided by the wizard on the step by step process on converting the files. You’ll find some applications convert various file types faster than the others. Choose the best one that has the speed you need. Not every conversion application is the same. For even more suggestions, you should check out this website: How to convert a video.

Once you’ve successfully converted your own videos, you may want to become a download software affiliate. You can actually get paid to give away free downloads of great software applications. Basically it works this way, a visitor to your site downloads a free version of the product. When they upgrade or purchase the full version, you get a finders fee. It’s as simple as it sounds. Do the relative or friend who sent you the video a favor – send them the link to the total video converter program trial download. When they purchase the full version, you’ll get paid.

So, if you’re looking to convert those MP4 videos, you will want to check out a plethora of all-in-one total video converter programs right away.

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