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Guest blogging can be a great way to get more community involvement in your site, while doubling up as extra content. If you have the right kind of blog or website on WordPress, there is an easy way to start receiving guest blogs. The quickest and easiest way to set up guest blogging on your WordPress blog is via a plug in. There are a number of great front end guest blogging plug ins availablefor WordPress.

1. Frontend Publishing Plug In

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The Frontend Publishing plug in is a great way to get started with accepting guest posts on WordPress. This plug in requires visitors to be logged in to submit, so chances of spam are minimal. There are numerous settings and controls available. These include the ability to restrict word count or place a minimum word count, control the number of tags, control the number of links, control the number of words in the author bio and also the number of links in the content.You can also restrict guest posts to certain user levels in case you don’t want to accept guest posts from everyone.

This is our recommended plug in of the lot, as it is easy to use, works great and has extra features including a front end submission short code and a full visual editor. The short code can be used to place the guest posting form in the front end of your site on any page. There is also a great article management short code that can be placed on your site to let users view and manage their submitted posts, without going into the backend.

2. WP User Front End Plug In

For the free version of WP User Front End, your users will need to be logged in to submit content. There is also a pro version available that allows for non-registered users to submit posts. One of the extrafeatures of this guest blogging plug in for WordPress is that you can actually charge users when they submit guest posts. This is handy if you would like to earn a little extra money while accepting guest posts, but of course does require your users actually wanting to pay in the first place. If there are benefits to submitting a guest post, like increased exposure, then you might have a shot at earning some money. The plug in also provides an easy to use front end posting page where users can control and input images, titles, tags and attachments. The plug in also let’s users edit their profiles via the front end of your site.

3. Really Simple Guest Post Plug In

This plug in is great if you want simplicity and the ability for non-registered or logged in users to be able to submit posts. This is all done through the front end of your site so no need to worry about users accessing the back end. When posts are submitted, they are set as ‘pending’ and can be approved by admin. However, unlike the others, this plug in does not allow for image uploading. Users are not able to edit their posts once submitted and must wait for approval and publishing to see their posts. Overall, the plug in is simple and gets the job done for those who don’t want extra bells and whistles.

4. Frontend Uploader Plug In

The Frontend Uploader plug in is a little more complicated to set up than the other guest post plug ins mentioned. The plug in works with short codes so you can place a guest post submission form pretty much anywhere. You can decide where your guest posts go once submitted and whether or not they need to be approved or go straight to being published. The plug in also accepts posts from unregistered and not logged in users, as well as media uploads. You can also allow user generated content to be submitted as custom posts and custom posts with media. If you are looking for something quick and easy I would try one of the others first, as while this is a great plug in it requires a little more time to set up.

5. User Submitted Posts Plug In

The user submitted posts plug in is a great guest posting plug in for WordPress. It is simple to use and does what it says it will. Submitted posts will be marked as pending and can be approved and edited before publishing. Users don’t have to be logged in to post, and you can also set it up so that users do have to be logged in. This guest posting plug in also allows for media submissions.


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