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We’ve Moved!!


Written by JR Shooter

JR Shooter has moved to a brighter new office! Last week we moved from a 1,200 sq foot office in Markham, to a smaller office of only 750 sq foot in Markham as well.
While we moved we forwarded our landline to our cell phones and used our cell’s as hot spots so while we were going between offices and moving all of our furniture and files we were still 100% operational. That is the type of service that we can guarantee, that even if we are in the midst of something, we make sure that our customers are being handled, jobs are getting put into production and everyone is happy.

That’s part of what separates JR Shooter from other printing companies, is that we always make sure our customers are getting what they need in a timely manner, so if you need help with any of your print or promo items, you should definitely be calling Jack and Jess.Jack and Jess

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