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  • Need a local printer who will treat you right? We are a print broker that services the local Markham, Richmond Hill and Toronto area. However we have shipped all over the world and are always willing to engage in new ventures and help our clientele worldwide. More info
  • CMYK vs PMS? The age old question of how the colour system in printing works. PMS is used for one and two colour jobs, where as CMYK (also known as four colour process), is a method of blending cyan, magenta, yellow and black to get a full spectrum of colours. CMYK allows for colour accurate pictures to be reproduced. More info


Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Newsletters, Logos, Posters, Greeting Cards, Door Hangers, Tent Cards, Calendars, Variable Printing, Tear Cards

Stationary and Forms

Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Note Pads, Presentation Folders, Cheques, Invoices, Multi-Part Forms, Labels, Menus

Books and binders

Books, Manuals, Catalogues, Magazines, Reports, O-ring & D-ring Binders, Stapled, Cerlox, Plastic Coil or Wire, Perfect Binding

Large Format

Coroplast, Gatorboard, Styrene, PVC, Indoor and Outdoor vinyl, Pull up Banners and Stands, Lawn signs, A frame signs, X frame signs, Canvas, Bus Shelter Signage, Billboards


Magnets, CD Creation & Packaging, Mailing & Fulfillment Web Design, Scratch & Win,  Die Cutting, Foil Stamping, Embossing, Lamination, Repositional vinyl, Vehicle wraps and lettering

Promotional Product

Apparel, Writing Materials, Drinkware, Bags, Timepieces, Gift Sets, First Aid, Umbrellas, Lifestyle & Golf, Tools, Ceramics, Glassware & China

What’s Going On!

Welcome to JR Shooter, your one stop shop, where we scour the market, for all your print, marketing and promotional products.  

It is our duty to find you the items that best fit your needs and your budget.

Let your marketing imagination run wild, and let JR Shooter bring it to reality


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Why Pick J.R Shooter Inc.?

Around J.R Shooter Inc. we all take becoming a print company extremely gravely. All of us understand that undeniably when people are searching to get an impressive print company in Markham they require the greatest. Therefore we all strive to be truly the greatest print company we all can possibly be around Ontario. It is our devotion to really being the finest that has gained us all our significant regard here with our customers.

As an impressive print company in Markham we all of course continuously aim to spend some time to understand all of our clienteles' questions with great diligence and with absolutely no delay. We invariably put in the time. We all believe that it's incredibly critical to make certain clients feel truly understood and of course looked after.

Certainly, there are usually not numerous print company who have the specific skills coupled with know how to market their service as being front runner within their field. Incorporate this in with our superior level of buyer service and we certainly really feel we're absolutely the ideal impressive print company in Markham inside Ontario.

Dying to learn how to start?

It starts off with a call.

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We will be pleased to discuss all your print company concerns in depth on the telephone or by way of e-mail if perhaps this is better for yourself. After that we'll recommend the remedy which idealy fulfils your present conditions. Find out precisely why people call us the top impressive print company in Markham!

Even Now Need Persuading? Some Other Great Reasons J.R Shooter Inc. is certainly A Print Company In Thornhill

Dedication to High-Quality - A Print Company In Markham and A Print Company In Richmond Hill

Our loyalty to fine quality is actually remarkably substantial. In case you are attempting to become an impressive print company in Markham or an impressive print company in Markham, there is certainly really not one other choice but to really give it your level best to outshine. Whenever any specified client requires further time, all of us offer that consumer added effort. Almost anything for us to make sure they will be ecstatic with us as a print company. Also remember, we do service almost all of Ontario, and so make sure you phone us.

Determination - A Printing Service In Thornhill and A Printing Service In Markham

Many customers have described our business as an impressive print company in Markham, an impressive print company in Markham, an impressive print company in Markham and even the perfect Ontario situated print company you will discover! That doesn't come about unless there is exceptionally diligent labor and also dedication to the all-important buyers together with the unparalleled quality of your finished product. If perhaps you will be shopping to obtain an impressive print company in Markham, we certainly contend that we are honestly the perfect selection. Simply call J.R Shooter Inc. to discuss your current needs right away! 905.305-8452.

Skill - A Printing Service In Richmond Hill and An Impressive Print Company In Markham

In most any field, expertise is certainly a huge component in relation to results. In case you will be searching for an impressive print company in Markham, well then that will be all the more real. Being a print company, we all can easily show you firsthand how the result is very much defined through the practical experience of the organization you have been hiring. The huge degree of knowledge that J.R Shooter Inc. has got being an impressive print company in Markham, is actually exactly why an individual should trust us with your valued critical needs. Whenever you happen to be looking to get an impressive print company in Markham, consider J.R Shooter Inc.. Remember to consult with us all ASAP.

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