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Mailers To Make Them Say, “I Wish I Were There.”

When most think of postcard printing in Thornhill, the first thing that springs to mind is likely the souvenir that we send to our loved ones when visiting exotic destinations. However, it’s not just vacation destinations that benefit from the eye-catching gloss of a 4×6 card: The postcard is a powerful direct marketing tool that can show off products, locations, events, sales, and more.

Fits A Hundred Words. Worth A Thousand.

Everybody loves a postcard. For recipients, they’re beautiful, they’re fun, and they’re exciting. They give us a glimpse at something we want to experience.

For senders, they’re also inexpensive, considering the amount of quality you get out of them. They’re small, light, and easy to mail, letting you amp up the production quality on a reasonable budget.

Postcards are also much more likely to be read, as they ask considerably less of the recipient compared to letters, brochures, or flyers. A postcard can be absorbed at a glance, with nothing to open or unfold. It may have some print or details on the back, but a postcard’s main point is usually conveyed in a picture or graphic, which recipients often absorb before even realizing that they’re holding an ad.

Finally, postcards tend to stand out from other direct marketing pieces. Their unconventional size grabs peoples’ attention, their open-faced layout lets their design push right to the forefront, and the colourful, high-quality printing can be quite attention grabbing.

Not Just Marketing

In addition to promotional marketing, postcards printing in Thornhill make excellent follow-up items, such as thank-you cards and booking confirmations, as well as seasonal greetings to thank your key customers or clients.

What Distinguishes a Thornhill Postcard From a Flyer?

Technically, you could classify a postcard as a very distinct, unique ‘species’ of flyer. After all, postcards are flat, unfolded sheets that are sent in the mail.

Postcards are usually (but not always) based around a flashy, colourful, eye-catching design, with one side covered by a large photo, illustration, or graphic with minimal text. A postcard is printed on a heavy stock, so that it can be held by the corner without ‘wilting’.

Beyond the general size and visual nature, there are no limits to what can be included in a postcard. Embossing, foil leaf, die-cut shapes or corners—if it fits your design, we can put it on your postcard.

Looking For A Mailer Worth Remembering?

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