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Let Them “Judge The Book By Its Cover” with Presentation Folders in Thornhill.

Everyone judges books by their covers. We don’t mean to, and we’re told not to, but snap judgments are a part of human nature, and these ‘cover judgements’ influence how we perceive things every day. This is particularly true when it comes to literal covers for branded literature: If it looks like a professional folder, they will see professional contents. If it looks like a high school history assignment, on the other hand, they might start reading with a low opinion. JR Shooter specializes in presentation folders printing in Thornhill so contact us today.

There’s a good reason why ‘Presentation’ is literally the name of the game when it comes to folders; your information packets are a final impression that they will experience over and over again. If you’re sending someone home with a packet of take-away information, you definitely want to make sure that package is an impressive one. And if the folder is being sent back to be shown to a decision-maker, then not only is the quality of the folder a final impression, but a first impression as well.

With our beautiful Thornhill presentation folders, you can make sure that your take-home info is ‘dressed to impress’.

A Number of Functional (And Stylish) Options

When it comes to presentation folders, function and style work together to make your folder not only memorable and unique, but convenient as well.

Pocket sizes and orientations can change how people open your folder and access its contents, while often giving it a very unique feel. Slits, slots, and pockets can be integrated into the design to allow you to insert any number of objects—business cards, CDs, DVDs, brochures, and even promotional items like pens, lanyards, rulers, USB keys, and more.

And, to finish it all off, there are a whole range of finishes and materials to not only customize the look (such as high gloss or matte finishes, metallic leaf printing, or embossing), but also meet durability-related needs (such as thicker stock or water-resistant materials).

Who Needs Special-Printed Presentation Folders in Thornhill?

Are you submitting a history assignment to your high school teacher? Then a custom-branded presentation folder might be a little overkill. 

However, if you’re a business professional who is handing information to clients, prospects, investors, or even employees, then you could absolutely benefit from the impressiveness—and the professionalism—of a branded presentation folder.

Get A Cover Worth Judging.

If you want to learn more about presentation folders printing in Mississauga, Thornhill, Vaughan, Markham, and Richmond Hill, including questions about design or pricing, contact us today.