Custom printing services in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Mississauga, Vaughan, shipping across Canada.



Custom Printing for Any Size, Any Shape, for Any Purpose.

Not every project fits in a neat little box. Often, you’ll need custom sizes, shapes, cuts, and folds to meet your needs in a way that helps you to stand out from your competition. Other times your needs are more practical, and you need a custom job to serve a specific purpose. Whatever the reason, our custom printing services in Thornhill have you covered.



If you sell a product, having eye-catching packaging is essential. After all, if you’re selling in-store, your packaging will likely be the first impression that you make, and can be the difference between an indifferent walk-by and a first sale to a lifetime customer.

Whether your product needs custom-printed tags, sleeves, or entire boxes, we can find you the perfect packaging option to complement your product, showcase your brand, and meet your packaging needs.


Custom Flyers and Brochures

While the standard flyers and brochures can be effective, having custom sizes, cuts, and folds can help your brand literature to stand out even more. Custom flyers and brochures can feature any of a number of features, including being cut into eye-catching shapes, incorporating unusual folds, and even incorporating ‘pop-up’ elements. JR Shooter specializes in custom printing in Thornhill so contact us today.


Printed Promo Items

Custom flyers and brochures aren’t the only print items that can be used to capture attention and drum up new business. Any number of custom-printed items can be used for promotion, such as customized prescription pads, calendars, booklets, post-it pads, or even decks of branded playing cards.


If You Have a Printable Surface, We’ve Got You Covered.

For quotes or inquiries on any outside-the-box projects (which, ironically enough, includes actual boxes), or custom printing in Thornhill, Vaughan, Mississauga, Markham and Richmond Hill contact us today.