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How Can Minor Daily Tasks Reinforce Your Brand?

When it comes to printing off professional correspondence, letterhead is a great way to look professional while staying on-brand. But what about everything else? Memos? Notes? Appointment reminders? Phone numbers or addresses you scrawl out and hand to a client? How can you keep all this ancillary correspondence looking professional and on-brand? JR Shooter specializes in notepad printing in Thornhill so contact us today.

With Branded Notepads in Thornhill, That’s How!

Custom-printed notepads are an excellent way to keep all your correspondence professional and on-brand—plus, blank branded notepads make for great give-aways. After all, pads of paper are things that people love to have around but often never remember to buy for themselves. Having your logo next to their phone messages or grocery lists is a great way to keep you at the top of their mind.

And They’re Not Just Great for Blank Notepads.

Notepads can also have forms, tables, notes, or text printed on each sheet, serving a variety of purposes:

Functions For Your Staff

Printed notepads can serve a number of useful functions in your office:

  • Appointment Cards – Many businesses book follow-up appointments with clients after every visit. A custom notepad makes appointment notes look much more clean, professional—and include your address and contact info.
  • Prescription/Referral Pads – Prescription pads (which we can also print and brand) are traditional for medical doctors to prescribe pharmaceuticals, but the same style of pad can also be quite useful for providing referrals for any industry. A printed referral form will allow you to include additional information (such as ‘reason for referral’) while making sure that those to whom you are sending your referrals know where their new business is coming from.
  • Message Forms – The traditional ‘X called at Y time’-style forms are nothing new—but they can be extremely convenient. Printed forms allow you to add fields to the ‘missed call’ notes that include all necessary information for your office, such as return phone number, reason for call, client transaction number, and so forth. While these usually aren’t seen by customers, they can help to maintain a sense of professionalism and accountability among your workers.

Functions for Customers/Clients

Functional printed pads can make for great brand-specific give-aways, particularly when they tie into your product or service. For example, if you run a store that specializes in health food, you could hand out notepads with diet tracking tables on them. This could apply to anything that people might track regularly—mileage, time management, exercise, or even golf scores.

This could also include checklists, such as a grocery list broken down into food groups for the above-mentioned health food store that a client could stick to the refrigerator.

Prove Your Brand is (Literally) Noteworthy.

If you want to learn more about notepads printing in Thornhill, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham and Richmond Hill, including questions about design or pricing, contact us today.