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Printing Quotes

No longer want to search for your own custom printing quote? Let JR Shooter do the leg work for you!

Whether you are still in the designing stages, or ready to get your print project up on it’s feet, Let J.R. Shooter help you prepare your printing budget. Fill in the form below, and J.R Shooter will contact you with your printing quote. If the questions below do not make sense to you, give us a call, and let a J.R. Shooter representative, walk you through the process, by asking a few simple questions, and we will prepare your printing quote customized just for you. We aid in servicing Toronto, Markham and the Greater GTA, but have shipped as far as Europe! No place is too far!

Whether simple or complex, let J.R. Shooter make your printing quote request / print budgeting easy.

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What would you like us to quote on?
What will you supply?
(e.g. file on disk, sample, idea, film etc.)
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What is the flat (open) size of the piece?
What colours do you want to use and how many per side? (e.g. 4/4 process, 2/1 red & blue/black, etc.)
What kind of stock do you want (specifically or, generically, eg. bond, card, coated cover, etc.)?
Describe the finish you require (e.g. folded, embossed, stitched books, die cut, etc.)
How would you like it packaged (e.g. shrink wrapped and boxed, in tubes, bulk boxed, kraft, etc.)?