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Roll Out The Red Carpet With Branded Letterhead in Thornhill

Letterhead is one of the most professional-feeling parts of a branding package. It may just be a piece of paper, but professional letterhead lends a massive boost of authority to any correspondence. It essentially ‘rolls out the red carpet’ for the contents of your letter, announcing your business and brand right out of the gate. To know more about letterhead printing in Thornhill, contact JR Shooter today.

Regardless of your brand, your letterhead is always designed to impress. It’s usually on a thicker, brighter stock than standard paper, which feels more substantial and smooth in the reader’s hands. The colours are branded, infusing the letter with your business identity, and usually designed to be striking and authoritative.

This inherent authority is particularly important when the letter is your first point-of-contact with someone, be they client, supplier, or even competitor: it shows that you’re serious about your business, that you know what you’re doing, and that you have a very strong and well-established brand identity.

As Classy, Fun, Outrageous, or Subdued As You

There are a number of elements that can be integrated into letterhead. Some have a full bleed for a splash of edge-to-edge colour. Some have an even thicker stock for a more substantial feel as it’s read. Some even integrate elements such as foil print to add reflective shine or embossing for added texture. For others, the most appropriate choice is simply a small, tasteful colour brandmark on the highest-quality paper stock.

The possibilities are endless with letterhead printing in Thornhill, and the perfect choice depends on your business, your brand, and your unique personality.

Make Your Correspondence Official with Branded Letterhead.

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