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Make a Quality First Impression with Business Cards in Thornhill

Networking is something that nearly every business needs to do in some capacity, and as any networking expert will tell you, first impressions are everything. Your business card not only represents the first tactile impression that potential customers and clients have of you and your business, but It’s also what they will be staring at when they make the decision of whether or not to contact you. Get in touch with JR Shooter today for any kind of business cards printing in Thornhill.


Why Quality Matters

When you give out a business card, it serves your prospective customer or client as a reminder of who your business is and what you do. If that reminder feels cheap or looks tacky, then these associations will be linked to your business.

On the other hand, if the card is tasteful and high-quality, it will help to reinforce a sense that your business is tasteful and high-quality as well.


Why do Bargain Cards Feel Cheap?

The greatest difference between a quality business card and a cheap low-quality card has to do with the paper stock.

Lower quality cards are printed on lower quality stock, which has a number of drawbacks:

  • Colours & Contrast – Thin, flimsy stock tends to absorb more ink, making bold designs look more bland and washed-out. Quality stock, on the other hand, helps to keep your business card design looking sharp and bright.
  • Legibility – A business card doesn’t give you much space to work with, and so often requires the lettering to be fairly small. With a cheap stock, you may have low sharpness due to ink absorption, a cheap card will be more difficult to read than one printed on quality stock.
  • Fuzzy Edges – Cheap paper stock tends not to cut as cleanly as thicker, higher-quality stock, and is far less durable when it comes to wear-and-tear, leading to worn corners and boxed.
  • Tangibility – Perhaps the most important is the feel of the card. Quality card stock simply has more substance, making it feel more sturdy and substantial in a client’s hand.


Not Just First Impressions

Business cards can also serve practical purposes. If your business requires appointments to be kept, writing them on a special ‘reminder’ business card can also conveniently pass along your address and contact information in case they need to call to cancel their appointment.

Business cards can be used as loyalty reward programs as well, collecting stickers or hole-punches that build to a free or discounted product. This can help to encourage that they keep your business info on them at all times, while dramatically increasing repeat patronage.


Make your first impression count.

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