When you are looking for new marketing materials and you want to make sure that you are getting the best price, the smartest thing to do is to go around and get several quotes so you know that you are not paying to much.

So when you need a new set of business cards maybe you go to two or more different printers to get a quote.

When you go to printer A, and ask for a quote and you hear $20 for 1,000 units you are ecstatic. But take a look at the stock they are putting it on. Are they putting it on their standard of a 10 or 12 pt stock which is flimsy. Is it glossy on one or both sides. How long are they going to take to get them to you.

Now let’s say you make the card a 14pt which is our standard stock. And you actually want it glossy on both sides as opposed to just the one side. They are printed and delivered to you in 3 business days, where as with the other company, to receive the cards in 3 days you are paying a premium rush charge of $20.00.

Now add up all those extra costs and see what your total is? Is it above the $80.00 quote that is our basic for 1,000 units if business cards? Yes, in fact it is significantly more. So when you are getting a quote, and not just on business cards, but on all different types of print, make sure that all quotes you get are exactly the same, so you can know why one is cheaper and one is not.

If one is cheaper and you are getting the exact same thing for both, then you know you are looking in the right direction.

Did this help you understand how to save money and make sure you are getting the best quality jobs?