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AZX Sport Canada is a $20,000,000-a-year company with over 85 production and customer service employees. We serve you from three North American locations: New York, California, and Canada. We manufacture all of our products in the United States, but we also have factories in other countries to supplement our domestic production. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and have a solid reputation for quality and customer service. We have a strong commitment to Product Responsibility and Ethical Conduct and have won several industry awards.


5 STAR SUPPLIER QUALITY We work hard year after year to maintain our 5-star rating. Trust AZX with your order and relax knowing it will arrive as ordered, on time, the first time.


AZX manufactures its own products and adheres to all regulations, including CPSIA and PROP 65. Work with AZX and rest assured that you are in compliance.


Communication. Nobody communicates as well as AZX. We take the time to provide you with accurate information throughout the order process. We respond to all phone calls and emails within 30 minutes. Within 30 minutes of receiving your PO, we fax or email an ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Within 30 minutes of shipping, we provide tracking numbers, packing slips, and your invoice!

AZX has both domestic and international production. We produce 30,000 units per day in the United States and can produce as many as you need in other countries. We can beat your overseas pricing because we own the factory. Are you certain that your overseas vendor will comply with PROP 65, and who is liable if your overseas vendor uses lead paint? In China, factories close on a daily basis; are you confident that your overseas vendor will remain in business after you’ve sent your deposit? Place your order with AZX and relax knowing you’re dealing with a 5 Star supplier.