Business cards are something that I have talked about before, but just like how technology is ever-changing  so are the ways in which we can print our marketing materials.

The standard size for a business card is 3.5 x 2, and most people like them because they fit into a wallet credit card slot perfectly.  However, more people are using their business card as a strong first impression and want the stock thicker, or the card larger, or even smaller.  All of these options are available to you, it just depends how custom you want it to be, and how much money you are willing to spend.

We have one customer that is a great example.  Over the years they have changed how they print their business cards time and time again.

The following is a short list of options we have done for just one company:

  1. Standard 3.5 x 2 on 14pt gloss cover, full colour double sided
  2. Larger folded business cards 7 x 2 on either 14pt gloss or matte, full colour double sided
  3. Shells printed in advance, where you can only add your name on the front but can customize the back

As you can see, these options are just a few of the many different business card layouts you can use.

Wondering what the best layout is for your company?


Adam Weiner Business card Front - OLD
Because these cards are not printed as shells, it allows for the persons name to be knocked out in white, while surrounded by Harvey Kalles green in a single print
Adam Weiner business card front
This folded business card is not on a glossy stock when printed, and the layout is printed all in one go as opposed to having some of it printed as shells beforehand
David Oey BC - Inside
When the shell is created it is only printed on one side, and this side is for full optimization of what each person wants on their card
David Oey BC Outside
This business card is half printed in advance so what we see is just the layout for this persons business card
Kathie wood bc side 2
Full colour option with a ghosted image of the logo in the background for the flat option of the business card
Kathie Wood bc side 1
Printed full colour double sided on a 14pt gloss cover on a standard size business card of 3.5 x 2