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About Dezine corp.

Dezine Corp. is a wholly owned and operated Canadian family company. DezineCorp, founded by Paul Bami, is the realization of a family’s desire to establish a business and give back to their community after moving to Canada in 1991. Building on this history, DezineCorp joined CAMSC as a Tier 2 member to pursue their mission of supporting the Canadian supply chain while highlighting and elevating different voices. With this strategy, DezineCorp stands apart from its rivals in a crowded market since diversity isn’t just a phrase to them; it’s something they simply do every day. It is an expectation rather than a goal.

Clients have grown to expect excellence, and DezineCorp meets those expectations thanks to a strong, dedicated team that shares the company’s goal. The crew is committed to providing the greatest, most exquisitely constructed products; there are no shortcuts taken and no “good enough” products produced. A print is not sent out if it doesn’t appear right. The production team of DezineCorp, which consists of printers, takes great pride in their work and has a combined 200 years of experience.

The DezineCorp team has the exceptional ability to think outside the box when it comes to executing specialty requests by utilizing their broad network of suppliers and distributors, including well-known companies Stanley, Igloo, and Riedel. Customers trust them to easily complete challenging orders because of this. Mindfulness delivered

DezineCorp is your one-stop shop for unique business presents, employee incentives, and customer rewards. With the help of in-house engraving, printing, gift set development, and customization, our talented staff transforms promotional items from around the world into gorgeous branded stuff.

Entirely Canadian

We were established by a Canadian family and run our business out of Mississauga, Ontario, where we design, make, and deliver your unique products inside Canada. Bid adieu to pricey import taxes and extended shipment times.

In House Production

Our design staff works with you to develop the ideal promotional item for your company using screen printing, engraving, and so much more. Then we get to work, ensuring that every stage of production takes place in our plant, resulting in unparalleled quality.