We pretty much work with one artist now! we used to have 3 different ones, but this will help you explain why we only need one now.

1)The guy who was right out of school, had new fresh ideas, sometimes made mistakes, but always worked in the budget.

2) The guy who had been in business for decades, who was great at his job, yet some of his ideas were a bit dated due to his age, but the price was middle of the pack, and great for middle to large size business’

3) Then there was the guy who was basically an ad agency. He could not only do print media, but online, television, billboards etc. He was the most expensive, and we basically only used him for our biggest clients, who needed the feel of a bigger company.

Currently, we work with only one artist.  He has been in business for over 10 years.  He is young and hip, so he has great ideas for those new companies just starting out, trying to get a name made for themselves.  But he is also very well trained, and does lots of research, so for those larger companies, who need that corporate feel, he knows how to make that happen to!

So, when you pick your artist, have a conversation with them.  Suss them out, and make sure they are the right artist for you.  But the most important thing to remember for business is that staying professional is important, so having your artwork done by a professional is important.  If you do it yourself, have a cousin in college, or a friends child do it for you, do you think you will come across professional?  Would you want to use your services?