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Fersten Worldwide Apparel (FW) has prospered since 1993 by continuously evolving and providing unmatched goods and services. FW continues to develop product lines that are focused on quality, launch new decorative services, and provide diversity throughout the various aspects of the organization.

As a hat maker for the promotional items market, FW first pushed the market to prioritize quality over cost by providing headgear with exceptional construction, striking designs, and consistent inventory availability. With its catchphrase “Quality Above AllTM,” FW quickly established itself as the “go-to provider” for more than just another “cap.”

In an effort to provide the full package, FW bought their first embroidery machine in 2000, allowing consumers to take advantage of a one-stop service provider. As soon as customers could choose between Flat Embroidery, 3D Puff Embroidery, Double 3D Puff Embroidery, and Textured Embroidery for their decorative needs, Fersten Worldwide apparel became known as one of the top full service suppliers. Even today, FW still has consumers in awe of its exquisitely designed 3D puff embroidery.

Fersten Worldwide added apparel to their list of product categories in 2004. Similar to headwear, FW Apparel was founded on the same tenet of high-quality construction that helped FW become a leader in headwear, combined with opulent fabrics and cutting-edge designs. The collection includes a wide range of t-shirts, polos, sweaters, sport shirts, and other items that look great when accessorised with any of the many headwear options from the collection’s broad headwear assortment.

FW entered the realm of global brands after becoming well-known and having a reliable supply chain in the corporate promotional items and golf markets. For the sole purpose of designing, producing, distributing, and marketing all Fila-branded clothing and headwear for the golf and corporate promotional sales channels in the United States and Canada, FW entered into a licence agreement in 2009. The Fila-branded product would put FW on an even playing field in the garment business with other internationally renowned brands.

In order to push themselves further, FW created Performance Outerwear and Wellness in 2011, as well as new in-house decorative techniques like laser etching, fabric appliqués, reverse appliqués, and embossing. The business commitment to constant innovation and self-reinvention is supported by cutting-edge technology and innovative fabric finishes.

By conducting research and creating ground-breaking goods and services that exceed industry expectations, FW continues to gain pace.

Our love for innovation drives Us forward every day to be the best in all we do, from products to decoration.