These days I have people wondering how to save money when it comes to printing. Companies, and the general public are wondering if print media is still important and beneficial in business in such a technological age. However personally I believe that many people still like to touch and feel the paper. One of the easiest ways to save money on small runs is to gang run your items with other peoples.

There are companies who will email you a catalogue, or manual and expect you to print it off yourself. But when you go out and spend $600.00 on a phone do you really want to spend the time and money to print off a 200 page manual and then read it just to learn how to set the time?

Not everyone we do printing for is overly picky on specific colours, but they do want to make sure that the artwork is going to look exactly how it was designed. So when that is the case we have an option called gang run. This means that when a customer sends us a job we put the artwork on the machine with another customers work. There are certain costs in printing that are fixed such as set ups and time. Paper becomes cheaper per piece when larger quantities are bought. So the large savings in gang run are the fact that the setups, paper and time are split between all of the peoples jobs that are placed on the machine at once. There could be hundreds of dollars in savings if this is done correctly.


So the next time you are wondering how to save money on printing for 500 postcards, ask the question to your printer what is gang run and does it work for my specific situation?


Gang Run Postcards
Gang run postcards!