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Kobe Sportswear has been on the cutting edge of imprintable sporting apparel since 1992. Since 1996, when we hosted the Kobe Cup, we have had a rich history in sports and business, outfitting millions of athletes and thousands of organizations. We have also partnered with organizations like the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada, The Dominion, and the Promotional Product Professionals Of Canada.

Kobe and K3G apparel from the company is used by both professional and amateur players worldwide. Each of our inventive items has a unique tale to share.


Our organization has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. The OMHA’s Outreach Program has sparked renewed interest in Canada’s national sport through working with new members of the community. The Toronto Kiwanis chapter benefits from collaboration with organizations like Hockey Helps The Homeless and the Boys & Girls Club’s Hoops & Dreams Program. At Kobe Sportswear, we strive to infuse the values of fair play and the sporting culture into all we do.

Proudly Canadian-owned and operated, Kobe Sportswear is headquartered in Toronto with international offices in Buffalo and Shanghai. Our domestic manufacturing and sublimation facilities are located throughout Toronto and offer the highest “Made In Canada” quality. Overseas manufacturing facilities are situated across Asia with a dedicated production team installed to ensure unparalleled quality and turnaround times for all our import products.

Team clothing is a type of sports apparel that is designed specifically for teams. This type of clothing is usually worn by athletes while they are practicing or participating in their sport. Team clothing comes in different types of styles, colours, and designs. There are many team clothing brands that offer quality and fashionable team uniforms for men, women, and children.

Sublimation is the process of turning water into ice without using any refrigeration equipment. This method of clothing production is used primarily in the textile industry where garments are produced directly from polyester fibres. When this process takes place, the heat energy from the dryer is transferred directly to the polyester fibre instead of air. This results in a much cooler garment than would normally be experienced.
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