When you look around the office, I bet you notice all of the stickers / labels kicking around sticking to one item or another. From the mouse you clicked with, to the pre-packaged lasagna you ate for lunch, most of the products on your desk are labelled in one way or another. That is why, when we tell you that labels are still a form of printing, that is in high demand, you shouldn’t really be surprised!

Printing labels for products can help with many different aspects of the products from branding to technical needs. To properly learn how to sell labels, the first question you should be asking, is what is the label being used for?

What’s the difference between a label and a sticker anyway?

Sometimes, clients can be picky, and they choose the other supplier selling “labels” while you’re selling “stickers.” Whats a little crazy is that they are pretty much the exact same thing. So as a broker, it is my job to explain to you, that there is no significant difference between a label and a sticker.  It’s kind of like how you say chickpea and garbonzo beans.

If there is someone you are talking to, and they insist there is a difference between the two, the best way to describe the difference is a sticker is more for design, while a label would be more for informational use. In the end, labels and stickers are printed on the same materials using the same machines and printing techniques.

What are some ways to use labels? 

Labels can be used for a plethora of reasons. One main reason to use stickers is when an office moves, there are a lot of marketing materials with the old address on it, & using labels to cover the old address will save money until you want to do a complete re-run. A great use for stickers, is on the designs of boxes for sweets.  How often, do you get handed a gourmet cupcake in a box, with a descriptor sticker! The awesome logo on top of that custom box, sure helps make those cupcakes extra yummy!!

Here are just a few practical ways to use labels:

– Food packaging labels
– Cosmetic labels
– Packaging seals
– Consumer product labels
– Shipping and mailing labels
– Workplace safety labels

What types of labels and stickers can I print for my clients?

Labels come in many different shapes and sizes, but for today’s purpose, we are going to learn about two of them!

Roll labels are a convenient option for mass producing labels. You are able to use an applicator to have the stickers quickly apply to your products. These simple stickers can come in a standard of 4 different shapes: square, rectangle, circle and oval. However, do not hesitate to ask if we can do something custom for you! Simple paper labels are great for a variety of things, but the benefit to knowing your product is, if you need a waterproof label, we are here with suggestions and solutions for you!

Easy Peel labels, have a convenient slit back feature for easy peeling. Since these are individual stickers, they are great for promotional use as marketing giveaways.

Keep in mind… know the industry your client is working in, and remind them there may be rules and regulations they have to follow. Because skies the limit with options in terms of shapes and designs, it’s important to know exactly what you need and how it is going to be used.  Make sure you are aware about the regulations for safe product labelling. After all, being educated and educating your clients, is one of the best ways to retain customers.

In Canada, for example, there are regulations for consumer product labelling cosmetics labelling and food labelling. Food product packaging specifically requires adhering to food safety standards. Refer to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for thorough information on labelling  allergens, nutritional information, ingredient lists, health claims and more. Ensuring your clients are well-informed not only prevents issues with the final printed product, but also helps to reinforce your brand reputation as a print expert.

Label printing may not be the standard way you think about doing your marketing, but there are so many different ways to use labels / stickers to get done what you need to! Do you have old marketing that you still like, and just needs to be fixed with some labels?