In an age where so many different forms of marketing and media are available to people, you would be surprised to see that large format printing is still quite common for people to market their companies.

Commercials and radio are very effective, and so is the internet, but when you are driving along the highway a billboard still catches your eye.  When you walk into a store or a mall and you see a life size cut out of Justin Bieber that also catches your attention.  These forms of marketing can be used in various ways.

Banners are a very popular way to promote ones company, they are often able to be used indoors or outdoors and with the right design and colour could bring in a variety of attention to your business.  There are also items like pop up banners that you see business’ use in trade shows, that could be displayed in the lobby of an office, or even a store that is willing to promote whatever your business may be.

Depending on the look and feel that you are going for there are many different materials and finishes that could be used.  In finishes alone, you could go for a matte lamination, which gives the piece a nice soft feel, you could use a regular lamination that makes the images have a beautiful sheen to it, or you could use a satinex, which has a beautiful texture to it.

If you are looking for a more solid classier feel there is always a plaque mount.  This is a solid frame that you mount an image on that can be hung from the wall.

Depending on the type of marketing you want to do, and the look and feel you are trying to have your customer feel there are many different options.

Curious as to what print marketing will help your business?

Just ask!