Artwork and logo design is something that all businesses need, and it can be expensive.  It is something that more often than not people do not want to spend a lot of money on.  I believe that is because they don’t understand why it costs so much.


Logo Design

When a logo is designed there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

  1. The colours the company wants to be part of the design
  2. Is the logo
    • a. Modern
    • Legible
    • Relatable to the service or product the company is selling
  3. Can it be printed as a one colour if it is designed as multiple colours (which is important for promotional products)

To make sure all of the above are true in logo design, a graphic artist usually starts by making all of the original designs black and white, and adding colour later.

It is also important when doing a logo design, that the graphic artist gives you options. That way you can see several versions so you are able to narrow down what you like. Once the version has been picked, then the colour can be added.


When should a logo be re-designed?

I remember when I started working at J.R. Shooter. Jack had been using the same logo for years. The text of the font was very dated. The colours he used were dark, and the logo was hard to read. I wanted to make it more current.  I went to our graphic artist, and we discussed

  1. A change in font
  2. Adding a mini descriptor of what we do
  3. Using an image that is relatable to our business, but not exclusive if we ever find ourselves pivoting what we sell.

Here is the old and new logo, which do you prefer?

J.R. Shooters old logo pre 2014
J.R. Shooters old logo
J.R. Shooters New Logo
J.R. Shooters New Logo

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