At the end of a lot of people’s emails it says “consider the environment before printing this email”, I know it says it at the end of every email I send out. Now this blog post is not to say that everyone should print every email, and every page off of the internet they want, but it is important to realize that using paper is not a terrible thing. A lot of different papers are recycled, but paper can only be recycled four times before it becomes to thin to use. So my needing to make more paper, we are actually creating jobs for people to manage the forests, and in the paper mills, which means that we are helping the economy.

As well, by managing these forests, we are constantly putting more trees in the ground to replace the ones that are cut down for the making of paper, so we are actually aiding in the perpetual care of our environment.
Without fresh wood, the existence of paper would disappear within two years. That means no more books, magazines, art…

So although we do not need to print everything, it does not mean we should stop marketing our business’s and ourselves solely online. Let’s see how we can find a balance between the 2 mediums.

How are you marketing your companies?