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Never be without a Business Card again!


Written by JR Shooter

When you wake up in the morning, it is possible to forget your wallet, your purse, maybe put on two different shoes… But what is the one thing that 99% of people NEVER forget these days? You got it, their cell phone!

If you have a silicone wallet on your phone you can put up to 4 cards in there, and you will always have what you need.  What’s best is that you take your phone everywhere, so what ever advertisement is on the back of your phone will be seen over and over again by you, but will also be seen by other people.  So whether it is your advertisement, and you are hoping others see it, or whether it is someone else’s ad, and you see it all the time and call that company for their services, you can see just how it works!


Always have a BC and ID with you while advertising!

Always have a BC and ID with you while advertising!

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