Postcards are an older way of marketing ones company, but what is amazing is that it has not fallen by the wayside.  People are still using print media and postcards to promote their companies.

When deciding on what you need in a postcard there are many different things to take into consideration. One of the first things to look at is size.  The average sizes are 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 6 x 9.  There are some people who ask for a 4 x 9 card which is technically a postcard, but people more often call that one a rack card.  A rack card is called that because the size was designed to fit into a special rack for display.  When looking at the sizes and picking which ones you want you also have to take into consideration what you will be using the postcard for.  If you are handing them out, or putting them on display you can make them any size you would like.  However if you want to mail them then you have to stay within the Canada Post regulations.  6 x 9 is the largest size that you can create a postcard for Canada Post to stay under the alotted size for regular postage.  The weight to stay in the 1st range of postage is 30g.  Once you have a postcard larger then 6 x 9 or you choose a heavier paper, than you jump from the average postage rates, to oversize postage.

A way to keep the weight down is to order a value postcard.  A standard postcard that we work with is on a 14pt cardstock (which is equivalent to 130lb).  If you wanted it to be on a lighter stock, a value postcard is typically on a 10pt cardstock (which is equivalent to 100lb).

Although some people think print media is dead, there are many people who for the holidays, or anniversaries, or various occasions where they may hold sales, like to send out a postcard to their customers and potential customers to give them a feel for their company.  This gives someone something to touch and feel, and if they see it over and over again will keep your company fresh in their mind. There are all sorts of design and print tactics that can be used to enhance a postcard and make it stand out.  Some examples are foil stamping and die cutting. As I always like to say anything can be done with time and money, it just depends how willing you are to invest in your next print campaign.