Flyers are promotional materials designed to convey information about a particular event, product, or service. They are typically printed on paper and distributed to a wide audience to raise awareness and generate interest. Flyers are commonly used in various contexts, including businesses, organizations, community events, concerts, campaigns, and more.

The purpose of a flyer is to attract attention, provide essential details, and persuade the recipient to take a specific action, such as attending an event, visiting a store, or supporting a cause. They often feature a combination of text, images, and graphics to create an appealing and informative layout.

When designing a flyer, several key elements are considered to make it effective:

  1. Headline: A catchy and attention-grabbing headline is placed prominently to immediately capture the reader’s interest.
  2. Content: The flyer contains concise and persuasive content that communicates the key message clearly. It typically includes relevant information like date, time, location, contact details, and any special features or offers.
  3. Images and Graphics: Visual elements like photographs, illustrations, or logos are incorporated to enhance the overall design and make the flyer visually appealing. These images are chosen to reinforce the message and create a connection with the target audience.
  4. Layout and Design: Flyers are designed to be visually appealing and organized, with a balanced combination of text and visuals. Eye-catching colors, fonts, and formatting are used to create an attractive and professional appearance.
  5. Call to Action: A strong and compelling call to action is included, encouraging the recipient to take a specific step, such as attending an event, making a purchase, or contacting a business.

Flyers can be distributed in various ways, such as being handed out in public places, inserted in newspapers or magazines, posted on bulletin boards, mailed directly.

Overall, flyers are a versatile and cost-effective promotional tool that allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to reach a wide audience and convey their message effectively.

Flyer Specs

  • Size is 8.5 x 11
  • Stock is 100lb gloss text
  • No coating
  • Flat sheet NO Fold
  • Printed Full colour single (4/0) or double sided (4/4)
  • Must supply press quality PDF with crops and bleeds


A Flyer is a printed flat single page. It is a creative marketing tool that can be used to display information and pictures regarding a company. Flyers can be used to promote an event, promotion, new products and more.

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