I don’t know how old you are, but I am 28… and wedding season is upon us! Last year my boyfriend and I went to 7 weddings, and we already have 5 that we know of this summer.  With all of these weddings comes bachelor and bachelorette parties. People like to make the bride or groom look silly, or they like to wear something to identify themselves as a group.

T-shirts have become very popular.  Over the last 3 weeks I have made shirts for 4 different bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Now there are things you have to know when ordering shirts.  A design on the front and back is more expensive than just one side.  If you need a XXL or larger they are more money. There are no standard prices, each shirt is quoted separately based on the design. The shirt below was sold for $20.00 per shirt on a standard white cotton Vneck. Prices will vary based on the shirt as well not only the design, and the more you order the less the per piece price.

So when you are about to get some swag made for your friends, keep in mind all of these things!


Custom T-shirts made for bachelor & bachelorette parties
T-shirts in all shapes & sizes with custom designs just for you!