When you first pick a supplier for your marketing materials, especially if you are a startup business, price is, and should be the most important thing.  But let’s say that you are 5 years into business. You feel confident with where you have lead your business to in the industry and you are ready to start marketing outside your comfort zone.

Picking who you are working with, is just as important as price.  There are many times where I could offer you three different products.  Let’s uses shirts for example. The cheapest shirt you want doesn’t come in one of the sizes you need and is of medium quality.  The next shirt up in quality also does not come in one of the sizes you want, but the highest quality shirt comes in all sizes and colours, but is a lot more money.  It comes down to what is important,


Not all suppliers would give you this info.  They would see what you want, and only quote it that way, as opposed to the way I did it, where I may lose money because they will order the less expensive shirts.  I will have gained their trust, and in the long run they may turn into a phenomenal customer!


Its not about the seller, its about the buyer.  Do you make your customers feel welcome?