Akuafoil is a way of getting that foil stamped look without actually having to foil stamp. An akuafoil project would be set up normally, the same as an average CMYK project. Incase you do not know, CMYK is cyan, magenta, yellow and black, in four colour process all colour printing is a combination of these 4 colour inks and this is how the bulk of printing is created today.

A second file is set up with akuafoil using 100% black where you want the metallics to appear. When the job is run through the press a foil is put on where the die line is told to and almost any colour can be created using this foil. It does work best with lighter colours, however there is no reason not to do a darker colour, the metallic just would not be as intense.

This is a nice simple, affordable alternative to foil stamping that will help make your next print job, or marketing campaign stand out in the crowd.

If you have any questions about akuafoil or what else to do to help your print stand out, give us a call.