Calendars can be a great form of marketing. Think of something that everybody uses and send it to your customers to use as promotion. Each month can have a different picture if you want to stick to the average look, however what these days grabs peoples attention? Something that looks outside the box that makes people say “hey thats a great idea, I wish I thought of that first!”

Now I am not saying that I have all the ideas, but I have one customer who at the end of 2012 as her holiday gift sent out magnet calendars. Its on the fridge, it has her business card on it, but its not just a calendar it had room for notes at the bottom, so it could be used for a grocery list. It is also small enough that it doesn’t take up a ton of space, however is great for small reminders.

Or if you wanted to do a normal size calendar each month could have a different riddle, or a puzzle or a game. A set of jokes would also be great per month. They could even be theme or month based. So in December you get a Christmas joke, and in February you get a valentines day joke. People like to have fun, so if they receive a piece of marketing that they could actually enjoy, there is a higher chance of someone actually using it as opposed to tossing it. Even if it is just sitting in a drawer, and they open that drawer once a week, that is 52 more times that your name is seen by a customer, and the more points of contact the higher chance of repeat business or even a first time customer.

There is also the idea that each month could have a different deal, but only if they send in a tear out from the calendar, or quote a term on each month of a calendar.

This, in my opinion is one marketing tool that could be used by many different types of professions, could be made classy, or cost effectively, and something that everyone could use.

What would you do to make your calendar stand out from the bunch?