Its interesting the types of things that people consider print and what they do not consider print. I do a lot of cold calling, and the amount of times the people say “we don’t do any printing” is astounding. Sure I understand not every one likes to get the cold calls, and it could just be a blow off, but there is the odd person who when they say that actually have a conversation with me and they truly believe it.

I have one customer who owns a bus company, and was unsure of where to look to get lettering put on his bus to go in and out of the United States. Most people would not think of that as print, but it is a type of large format print that as brokers we were able to source for our customer no problem.

Its the same thing with marketing materials. Trade-show season is starting with over 4 shows next week in and around the city of Toronto, and most of them have business cards, flyers, brochures, order forms, or even just a sign with their name on it and a picture. It is all about how you dress your booth and the impression you make at the show as to whether it is a successful show for you.

All of these small things may not be thought about in advance, but the next time you are getting ready to set up your trade-show booth make sure that you have all the pieces printing in marketing and design to attract your clientele.

If your wondering what would make your booth stand out, don’t hesitate to call us and find out how we can make you stand out.