It’s interesting, because there are many different professions that have brokers: Insurance, mortgage, financial, cars, and each of these professions when the average person goes to them to have a job done, often are aware what the role of their broker is. However it is amazing how many times when I have told people that I am a print broker they are not 100% sure what that means and what it is we do.

As what is the role of most brokers it is our goal to do the research for you, and to save our customers as much money as possible with each print job done. When someone comes to me with a quote I have to look at the big picture. Will I be doing the artwork or will it be provided, what is the quantity, how many sheets will be needed for printing, how is the product being finished, how is it being shipped, is it being mailed.
Each of these questions will give me an answer as to who is the most cost effective to run each specific job. That also means that I need to look at what I may see as problem areas, so I can try to avoid them. Once I have all of the answers to my questions I am able to make the decision as to who of my suppliers will quote it for me. Typically each job will be quoted by 3 different paper suppliers and a minimum of 3 different printers. That also means when someone asks for a quote it does not happen on the spot. I have to make sure I am doing all the necessary leg work so that I know my customer is getting the best bang for their buck.

Once I have all the numbers I take into consideration which is the best for my client, and I go back to them with the numbers for their entire job.

So some may wonder why use a print broker. But it is our responsibility to save you the time and effort in doing the research. If we do our job right then the customer should have the best possible prices for each print job. Now not to say that is always what they are looking for. Sometimes the lowest cost comes with a lower quality. So if that is the case it is important to know what your customer is looking for. Sometimes it is more about the over all value as opposed to the final number.

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