The promotional product show just happened this past week, and the reason I love going is because I get to see what is new in the industry to suggest to my customers. There are all sorts of things that most people would never think of to make their company stand out. Obviously depending on the industry you belong to will depend on what promotional item will work for you.

I have one customer who is a manufacturer of car parts, and they do large amounts of promotions, and for them I found a pen in the shape of a car that actually drives, the doors open, and the roof is a paperclip.

There are all sorts of items that light up and stand out that could be fun gifts for certain industries. People in the electronics field, there are so many different shapes, sizes and fun USB keys that can now be made to your specifications, and even have your own information pre uploaded on it to give to your customers.

There are also small things that could make you stand out. Like a small customized metal piece put on leather suitcases or bags to give to your customers. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve when you are handing out promotional items.

The items at the show that I really appreciate and I personally think the average Joe would appreciate it, is a marketing item that can be used by someone over and over again. I was given a water bottle with an infuser so I can put fruit in my water and it can be infused with the flavour. I have a waterbottle I love, but since I picked this one up on Thursday, I have been using it.

So when you and your company are coming up with the next marketing scheme to draw in new and existing customers, take a look at your targeted market and see what you know will suit them best.

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