With more and more spam filters coming out into the electronic world, and people receiving so many emails a day, what are the chances your marketing materials are being seen if you send out an email.

I know personally, I have subscribed for multitudes of subscriptions over the years, to both my personal and business email address, and I can no longer possibly keep up with the amount of junk mail I get each day. There are even companies newsletters I am still getting that I have unsubscribed to that I continuously get every day. How many of you out in the world see an email come in and do not even open it? I know that’s how it is for 95% of my mail to my personal box, and for my work mailbox anything that is not directly related to work I typically just delete.

If you are putting all of this time and effort into a marketing campaign don’t you want to make sure that your materials are seen and your hard work pays off? Direct mail has been coming more popular again, especially if you do something with your materials to make it stand out. Instead of putting the time in to just an email campaign, I find it beneficial to print a postcard, or something that you can send in the mail that will stand out and grab your customer’s attention. This way the next time they come to you office or store, they may even have your flyer in hand.

Cutting down the costs in direct mail has to come from the design and the print side. If you stick to something simple you can always use a gang run system to print it, and if you know an artist or have a friend who can do it for you, there is always that route. But don’t forget most printers like myself do have artists we work with that can create an outstanding piece for you to mail.

The most expensive part of direct mail is the postage itself. Even though I may be taking care of the mailing for you, I am not allowed to make money on postage by law, and I can not control how expensive it is, so when looking at your budget for your mailing you have to take into consideration the size of the mailing and the weight. Keeping it under a 6×9 postcard and under 30g is the best way to ensure your postage is as low as possible. But if you are one of those lucky companies that sky’s the limit, let’s see just how spectacular we can make your next mail out!