At the end of every year companies wonder what they should give to clients as gifts.

The standards are pens, hats, mugs, or some sort of treat like chocolate.  Something that not everyone thinks of are Calendars. It is something that you put on your desk, or a cork board, or a fridge.  They are seen everyday to keep your schedule.  So why not take the opportunity to have your info in front of someone every day of the year.

when setting up a calendar there are several things to think about.  Fist of all, when doing the design, you have to remember with every Month there is a second page.  Sky’s the limit with that page.  it could be a picture, a motivational message, or something that relates to your business that you want people to see every month.

I recommend having your company name and contact info on each month, so they always remember who they received the calendar from, and when that customer or potential client needs your services because they see your name everyday, they will think to call you first.

So yes, a lot of people keep their calendar on their phone these days, but there are people who are old fashioned and like a hard copy calendar.

Why should you close your market to just the tech savvy?