So, the Holidays are upon us, and maybe your slow at work, or maybe your busy at work, I guess it depends on what you do, but the chances are you will be off work either from the 24th until the 1st of January, or if not the whole time, you will have some days off in between.

I figured you have listened to me talk about print and promotional products for a year now, and you are probably wondering a little about me, and not just my business.

For those of you who don’t know, i went to school for Theatre and Drama Studies.  I never thought that I would end up in the family business. I spent a few years after University serving tables and going for auditions.  One day Jack suggested I come in and do some cold calling for him, just to help him out.  It was never supposed to be a long term thing, but you know what goes hand in hand?  Sales and acting!!

I was so good at it, that 3 years later I am still here, and now full time. A lot of people ask me, do I miss acting, or do I go crazy seeing my dad everyday. But I do not miss acting, and coming to work with someone you get along with as well as your father, why wouldn’t you love it!

So think about this in the New Year! Make sure you are happy, and enjoying your work!