The Holiday season is coming, and as time has gone on, and the world has become more Politically Correct you can not go around giving “Christmas” cards anymore because you may accidentally offend someone. However, companies still like to give gifts and greeting cards to show to their customers that they are appreciative of the work that they have done together.

There are many types of gifts that you can buy, and so this blog and this week’s tweets I am going to use to give you some idea’s how to show your customers you care.

This blog started by talking about greeting cards, so let’s start there. You firstly want to start with the design of your greeting card. Maybe use some images, or ideas that relate to your business. A nice touch is to also have all of staff either sign it personally, or their signatures can be scanned and placed on the card and printed with it, so each card looks customized.

Secondly you have to have envelopes. Make sure to put your logo, and return address on there, so people know right away who it is coming from. Although it is a small thought, your customers will appreciate the thought of receiving a greeting card, and maybe even a gift attached.

Nulogx xmas card

Although this is just one example of various work that we have done for Holiday Cards, there are so many options that all you need to do is give us a call so you don’t have to worry about missing those Holiday deadlines!

Are you ready for the Holiday Season?