I know, when I am doing cold calling that my voice on the other side of the line is often my first impression. Yes, I do send out packages with information about JR Shooter before I cold call a company, but half the time people say they have never received it. The other half of the time I get 2 responses. One is that they saw my portfolio and they loved our work and are willing to let us quote, and the rest of the time, they have seen it, but are happy with who they are using and are not willing to switch.

So within my sending a package and then calling, I have two opportunities to make a great first impression.
If they see my package and like it, they are more often then not willing to speak to me, even if it is just to say a no thank you.
Now when I am sending out my packages, I am using samples that I have printed for my customers, so it is important for me to make sure that everything that I send out as a completed job looks good, and I would want to use to represent myself, and not just the customer who i have sold it to.

My second chance at a first impression is if they have not seen my package, whether it did not make it to them, or it was seen as junk and thrown out. When I call for the first time it is my voice on the other end of the line that makes people more willing to speak to me. The best way to make a first impression with your voice is to always be smiling.

If you are smiling you sound happier, and the people on the other end of the line will probably be more willing to have, even if it is short, a conversation with you.

So when you are making your first impression, make sure you are giving off the vibe your want your customers, suppliers, and friends to truly feel from you.