So, I used to work at a restaurant that seemed a little confused. At first they were aiming to bring in an adult clientele and wanted the restaurant to be a bit higher class.
Then they decided they wanted to make the restaurant more of a family restaurant, open to everyone.
Then a couple months later they wanted to change the feel to attract a younger more hip crowd.

When any establishment, be it a restaurant, a clothing store, a travel agent, a printer or any business you can think of changes their image of what they want to be and who they want to attract so regularly, it confuses their clientele.

By doing that also, they are constantly changing their marketing plan, and it creates an aura of confusion around the business. So what am I trying to tell you with all of this?

If you keep changing your mind, you are going to have to have artwork redone over and over again for your marketing materials. Then you are going to have to have your materials re-created whether it be a print item, a mailing piece, or even a promotional product.

In the long run if you keep changing your target market, not only are you going to spend more money, but people are not going to know what type of business you are and they will avoid coming to your place of business.

So whether you are starting off, or re-creating your image make sure you know exactly what your goals are and who you are trying to attract.

A strong marketing plan will help you out in the long run.