Are you a real estate agent trying to sell houses in the city of Toronto, and wondering how in such a busy market, competing against hundreds of other agents, you are going to secure enough work over your competition to make money?
What does your clients expect from you?
An open house?
High end pictures taken?
A feature sheet?
A mailing?
Maybe even give aways to make them seem more welcoming.
All of these items cost you as an agent an arm and a leg to keep your business going, and to make sure you secure the clients and make them happy.
But how much time does it take you to either find a photographer, or go take non professional pictures your self? Then you need to send the images to a graphic artist to make your feature sheet visually appealing to both your client, and potential buyers of the real estate.
From there they may want a just listed sold card sent out, now yes, you can probably use the same images but you need to have the graphic artist set this up for you again.

So, now you have sold the house, and you made an awful lot of money after putting in all of this hard work. Now it is time to thank your clients for using you, and recommending you to their friends, so you have to give them a gift. It’s smart in this gift to give them something like a pen, or a notepad, or a mug, with your name and number on it, so it is always fresh in their mind what a wonderful job they did selling your house.

Now as an agent your reading this going, geeze, this is a lot of work just to get a client, how can I afford it, and where do I find all of the various people who can help me with these items.

You don’t have to look any further, at JR Shooter we are able to service all of these needs, and be your one stop marketing shop. It is our goal to make real estate agent’s lives as simple as possible with cost effective options to all of your needs!