I have been printing a lot of shirts if you remember? I have friends going on bachelor and bachelorette parties, and they want fun shirts to wear.

So I have a few guys I can go to for large quantities, but I also needed a few suppliers for the smaller quantities.  I found one guy, where his pricing was good, and things were getting done. However, what I realized was that I was limiting myself to only using one person, unlike in my printing, where each quote I have 4 different suppliers quote.

So this week I went out and looked for a new supplier who could help me with small quantities, and I found someone, around the corner who was very helpful, and their prices were better.


So this should remind you that you should also be doing your homework on pricing.  It may not always be the cheapest,  but as long as you get the quality you want, you can be happy with the prices you are paying, once you do your research!