It’s interesting. Being a printer I am constantly being asked why I got into this business, print is dying and being so young am I doing myseld a diservice by getting into this business.
What I have noticed in the past 3 years that I have been in this industry is that yes, people are buying less print but they haven’t stopped. If last year they printed 10,000 units of a brochure, this year they only printed 7,000. But that does mean that people still believe in and use print.

Here at JR Shooter we wanted to do a test and see just how effective mass mailings are and if they really work. Well, we got a new postcard designed. And that was a process, we had to make sure we liked it, that it had all of the information we wanted our potential customers to see, and it was something that was going to grab their attention.

We then figured out using Canada Post, where the best places were to send our mass mailing, and we handled this like a job that we would do for one of our customers.
Then we took the postcards to the mailing house, and from there all we could do is to sit and wait.

So I did, and I thought I would be waiting a long time, but within a week we had received 4 calls, in which one has already been turned into an order, and this was all in the past two weeks.

So although the world thinks that print and mass mailing is dying, maybe you should look at your marketing campaign.

Are you doing what’s best for your company?