As we discusse last week, when it comes to marketing and signs there are various different ways to use signs to your advantage.

This week let’s discuss the idea of using signs on windows. They can go on your car window, your office window, your home window, your bus window, your truck window, bus shelter window, or wherever you have a visible window.

There also many different materials we could use to advertise on your windows. One is repositional vinyl. This is a clear material that you can take on and off your window and keep using it.

The material best for vehicles is called perforated vinyl. That is because it can go on the window and you can see out no problem so that none of your vision is impaired.

It is important to keep in mind if you are going to be using a white on the window sign that it is probably best to have a white backer. There is no real such thing as a white ink, so by using a backer you can print any colour that you could think of.

So the next time you want to look into advertising for you window, let us know how we can help you figure out what best suits your needs!