Signs come in all different sizes, shapes, materials, and there are some that when you print them you may not event think of them as a sign. The most common types of signs are the ones that you use in a trade show, or to direct someone to come to your store.

The most common materials are, styrene, foamcore, gatorboard, coroplast, PVC and vinyl. The thing that not everyone will tell you is that foamcore is no longer allowed to be used in convention centres because it is easily flammable. So if you happen to buy one and a fire marshall walks along and see’s it, they take it away no questions asked and the money you spent on that form of marketing is now gone. Styrene is a nice sturdy material that can be used in either a .020 or .060 thickness. The thinner one is rollable, however will unfold completely straight for you to use making it easily transportable. The thicker one does not roll, but it sturdy and good to re-use. Gatorboard is similar to foamcore in look and feel however the corners will bend easily and is fire retardent, so it is allowed to be used in convention centres still. Although coroplast is often the most cost effective, because it is corrugated, depending on the look you are going for this may not create the perfect image. When picking between these various substrates one thing you have to keep in mind as well is that they are all different whites, and putting ink on it will not sharpen a white. Some are more of an offwhite, so if you are looking for something sharp and clean, it is important to look at all of the materials and compare which ones you like best.

Talking about the above various substrates are a small sampling of what you can do with signs. Wondering what else we can do for you? Tune in next week and see how other signs can help in your marketing needs!