When we are children we see funny shaped stickers, funny smelling stickers, and if you are anything like me, you may have even collected stickers and had books filled with them. But as we grow older we do not find a need for collecting a sticker that smells like chocolate anymore since we can go and buy a piece of real chocolate, but there are many different applications stickers can be used for in adulthood and in the business space.

I recently had a customer who owns a lighting company and he was looking for a sticker to put on the lamps or lights. These can not just be regular stickers, because paper or a vinyl sticker may melt, so I had to look into a special material that would fit his needs.

We also have customers who are outdoors oriented and needed stickers for boats, so we had to provide them a label which would be weather proof and water proof.

Other customer’s have asked for things that they want to put on a product like a bed, yet when it gets to the customer they want to be able to pull the sticker off so that there is no residue left behind, but it also can not destroy the material that is has been placed on.

The most exciting type of sticker is when we get to pretend that we are children again, and we get to print the fun shapes that are for the camps, or schools.

The benefit to some of the new ways of printing stickers that we provide is that depending on the quantity we can now provide you with a quote where you do not have dies and plates. Meaning that the set up costs have automatically been lowered.

So if you want to get a beautiful sticker of your child’s face for their birthday, or a sticker that smells like chocolate, we are the place for you to go!