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Spread the Word with Brochures

There are a number of reasons you might need to inform your clientele. Perhaps you want to teach them what makes your product superior to cheaper competitors. Maybe you want to highlight the problem that your product addresses. Quite often you just want to have a take-away that tells customers about your product while you show it off with high-quality photographs. No matter the reason why, if you want to give prospective clients some take-away materials, you most likely want brochures. JR Shooter specializes in brochure printing in Thornhill so contact us today.


How Are Brochures Different from Flyers?

Brochures and flyers are in the same ‘family’ of promotional items (what we call “print collateral”). Many consider that brochures are designed to be kept and read in-depth while flyers are more simple promotional pieces, but this isn’t necessarily true. Each format can be used for either purpose, provided the designer makes proper use of it.

In truth, the difference is simple: Brochures are folded, while flyers are flat.


When Should I Use Brochures?

Brochures have quite a few advantages over flyers. They can be easier to carry around, which makes them ideal for take-along materials such as maps or take-home materials like informational pamphlets, and the creases can be used as natural margins to make ‘long copy’ (or word-heavy) information easier to read while breaking it up into smaller bite-sized panels.

Common uses for brochures include product pamphlets, introductory summaries of your company, maps to fair grounds or event floors, or documents explaining the problem that your product or service solves.


What do the Brochure Folds Mean?

While custom folds and sizes are available, most brochures are standard 8.5”x11” sheet with one of three folds:

For a Z-Fold (sometimes referred to as an ‘accordion-style fold’), the sheet is folded into thirds in a left-to-right zig-zag, similar to how you fold a map. This type of brochure unfolds very easily, pulling itself into a flat sheet when it is opened, allowing the reader access to both inside panels at the same time, allowing for larger two-panel graphics and layouts.

Roll Fold
The Roll Fold is also known as a ‘letter fold’, ‘tri-fold’, or ‘business fold’. It’s also a sheet folded into thirds, but it opens a little differently, with the outer-most panel folded inwards. This style of brochure opens in two steps, which tends to break the content up a bit more, as well as giving you a bit more control over the order in which the panels are read.

Half Fold
The Half Fold, also known as the ‘book fold’, is as it sounds: The sheet is folded in half, and opened like a book. This design is considerably wider than the other folds, dedicating much more space to the front and back covers. Inside, the content area is a single expansive space that can be viewed entirely at once. Half folds tend to be preferred for brochures that wish to feature stunning visuals rather than vast amounts of copy.


Bring New Customers ‘Into the Fold’

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